Based in Bois-le-Roi, Seine-et-Marne,
BDB Easy Shuttle’s chauffeurs adapt to your timetable to answer to your transport needs whether they are personal or professional, regular or occasional.

Who are you ?

Professionals, young people, families or senior citizens, we offer services which adapt to all !
Our main goal: to facilitate your everyday life thanks to personalized and local transport services.

Where are we going ?

A meeting, a train or plane you just can’t miss, our chauffeurs will make sure to get you to your professional obligations on time.
A dance class, a football game, a night out with friends or simply some shopping to do: follow our guide! We will get you anywhere, seven days a week at any time day or night!

In what conditions ?

Audi A6, A4, Mercedes Class E, C or Renault Trafic for those travelling in groups, our chauffeurs insure you travel in the best conditions when it comes to your comfort and safety, and thus your peace of mind!